Answer to Dave Brat’s “Cookie Jar” no-crime-here explanation of Trump Jr.

  • Cookie Jar:
    • Kompromat on Hillary enticement
    • 33K missing emails (allegedly worth $2B and referred to as “Cookies” within “Jar”)
    • promise of further Kompromat
    • Folder of mysterious “Cookies” as show of good faith
  • American Actors (your “Kid” plus the other American “Kids” involved):
    • Don Trump Jr.: son of Trump (your kid), running Trump businesses, tied to mob and money laundering, Russian assets in business and real estate
    • Jared Kushner: son-in-law to Trump Sr., married to Ivanka (Trump daughter), tied to mob and money laundering in Russian and China, Senior advisor in WH to Trump
    • Paul Manafort: campaign manager & CEO(at time of meeting), political consultant for former president of Ukraine, money laundering, revenue claimed billed over 5 years from Ukraine sources exceeds $40M and Ukraine actually paid him around $5M, actually Russian lobbyist but did not declare FARA. After Manafort left campaign, he still lived in Trump Tower, counseled Trump, Pence, and WH every day through April 2017.
    • Anatoli Samochornov: UN translator
    • Donald Trump Sr.: either at meeting accompanied by Priebus, or called in to the meeting to check on progress and advise on details.
    • Reince Priebus: Chief of Staff, either with Trump Sr. at this meeting, or present when Trump Sr. called into meeting, however many times that occured
  • Russians (more “Kids”, but they all speak Russian and are Russian citizens and loyalties):
    • Natalia Veselnitskaya: Russian government lawyer, lawyer to Pyotr D. Katsyv: former Russia minister of Transportation whose son prosecuted in NY for $230M tax fraud (Veselnitskaya atty), international lobbyist against Magnitsky Act, at time of meeting was in NY illegally on expired temp VISA, direct contact to Putin, ties with Russian mob, considered mob attorney, has not met with Clinton “forever”, alleged “Cookie Seller”
    • Rinat Akhmetshin: former GRU Russian military intelligence, hacker in Bayrock money laundering, lobbyist; holds Russian-US citizenship, still considered spy by IC
    • Irakly “Ike” Kaveladze:  Russian immigrant to the United States and existing records show that he has a long history of alleged money laundering on a massive scale. More on Ike Laveladze in comments section under correction
    • (Correction. Originally published 8th attendee as Irina Aragalova: mother of Emin Agalarov, husband Aras Agalarov: billionaire (with Trump brought Miss Universe pageant to Moscow 2013, direct contact to Putin). She speaks for her husband when he is not present, tied to Russian-Israeli Mafia, money laundering. The Aragalovas are involved, but were not at the meeting)
  • UK
    • Rob Goldstone: UK PR rep for pop star Emin Agalarov, son of Aras and Irina (both whom have direct contact to Putin), Goldstone has ties to Russian-Israeli Mafia, money laundering. He set up meeting directly with Don Jr. on advice from Emin and Aras Agalarov
  • Secret Service
    • Don Jr. was not covered at that time, so if they were there, they were not there protecting him
    • If SS was there, Trump Sr. was there
  • This meeting was recorded, so only a matter of time before all present and their conversations are released to public
  • This meeting took place at Trump Tower and not the “White House” where cookie seller brought promise of $2B worth of cookies to help get daddy elected, and discussed and contracted a quid pro quo for said “Cookies” and future “Cookies”. Left “Cookie” sampler with Don Jr.
  • Back at the Ranch: what was going on the same day and same times this meeting was taking place
    • Reince Priebus was meeting with Trump Sr. also in Trump Tower next to meeting
    • Priebus and Trump Sr. were meeting with GOP financial backers and planning campaign election money strategies and superPAC strategies and deliveries
  • With what crimes could Trump Jr. alone, be charged?
    • Lying, perjury
    • Aiding and abetting
    • Accepting stolen merchandise
    • Participating in the theft of stolen merchandise
    • Meeting with Russian foreign agents and not reporting that to FBI
    • Conspiracy to commit Treason against America
    • Conspiracy to commit Espionage against America
    • Conspiracy to commit Sedition and Subversive Actions against America
    • Violating Campaign Finance Law

The above is a fast and dirty (and incomplete) depiction of the meeting that Don Jr. organized and presided over in Trump Tower on June 9th, 2016. Each person listed is not a “Kid” and the information detailed here is but the tip of their dossiers. The “Cookies” as Brat alluded to are not food, do not smell delicious, and do not taste good, nor do they have the insignificant value of just “Cookies”. Intellectual property belonging to and owned by Americans and American Political Parties will suffice.

To use this analogy is beyond stupid. Who is Brat feeding these “Cookies” to, and who in the world is Brat’s audience? Does he talk like this in Church to all of his Christians? Does he talk to his students in such poor food metaphors as to gag even a moderately educated Economics class and listening janitor? Brat communicates like a white man in “blackface”, like a character in “The Jazz Singer” who impersonates a people he is exploiting while passing along adulterated sage tidbits dumbed down to the white audience so they can participate as a group in the demeaning of race, puffing them back up with a venal understanding of upper caste values, and shuffling these “facts” into brains incapable of rational thought, and the sense to not repeat as gospel. What is wrong with Brat?

Brat keeps proving over and over that he is not a serious man. He is the bad joke that died on the joke writer’s table, got balled up, and thrown into the trash like a doodle gone bad. Brat is a product of Robert Mercer and Steve Bannon, bought and paid for. He is an empty vessel that is literally a GOP rubber stamp holding a congressional seat until the next gopher comes along. Brat has Zero ideas, or if he does, they are unutterable outside of his brain. He is a scared, hollow, and poor excuse for a Christian, educator, family man, and congressman. He does share character traits to all things White House: he is truly dumb, and he is truly incompetent. That would make him: irrelevant. You know what Darwin would say.

Dave. Isn’t it time for a Town Hall meeting where you can explain and nurture your constituents with homilies of daring do? With explanations of things we just can’t possibly understand ourselves, but just might with your help, so would certainly appreciate simple food narratives that we could then humbly chew upon, and swallow.

By the way, you must know that any money you received in your campaign from Mercer, Bannon, or superPACs probably consisted of Russian laundered dollars. You are part of the problem. You are part of the conspiracy against America. Is this what you thought you would do with your life? Was your dream to live a totally compromised existence?D

Email to Michael Gerson of the Washington Post on his article: The conservative mind has become diseased.

Mr. Gerson.

Thank you for breaking out the runaway train innards of conservatism once thought to be the mission statement of the GOP. I wish this type of information could be then translated into American English, and disseminated throughout the U.S. as vitally important information. Information that is essential to know. For survival. “Translated”, because the far right have been served micro targeted alt facts news BS for years, paid for by the billionaires who have been conspiring the end of democracy into a “managed” democracy. Kind of like a kleptocracy, with fewer klepts.

I’m an Independent, white, 68 year old male, married, middle class, former professional, CCW of 42 years, avid reader, artist, who has voted Republican 5 times in our Presidential elections. I have always viewed myself as around 2:00PM on the liberal/conservative clockface. But as you have pointed out, definitions have changed. So what’s really going on?

You get paid for this, but I thought you may find this interesting to include in your quiver as to equating strategy against an overwhelming downward spiral of the laws of physics (metaphor). I didn’t vote for Trump because I am not stupid. He wears his history on everything he has touched and touches: businesses, human beings.

I have read WaPo for close to 50 years now, NYT for 5, WSJ before they became a vehicle, and most newsworthy sites that don’t use Russian cookies. I am an old IT, reluctant social media user, and follow about 55 people on Twitter that range from hacker, doctor, lawyer, Senator, Congressman, military expert, IC expert, and left and right side pundits. I have not been happy with MSM and how they have been caught totally unprepared by the proliferation of the modernized Russian propaganda machine, and have yet to find their bearings into combating and rendering ineffective what has become a new normal.

For the sake of argument, assume that there were converging conspiracies/active measures that went into electing Trump. Big lump: voting machines/tabulators/absentee ballot hacks, widespread voter suppression, globalization, billionaires partnering with whomever to gain profit/control, Russia doing their thing with an unprecedented update to their FSB/GRU tentacles, foreign money influencing party politics because of Citizens United. And the collusion of guilty parties with their eye on trillions and power.

In 1983, I read a book titled “The People of the Lie” by M. Scott Peck. He had written 3 previously on “The Road Less Traveled”series, was a respected psychiatrist and even a Christian (which I thought was unusual in one package). I’m agnostic, raised Southern Baptist, have studied religious history, especially Christianity, but have found that most people that are self-professed Christians, are opportunists in search of a life-changing religious experience (whether they think they need it or not), etc. That’s not quite true, but has been a personal red flag to me for 50+ years.

I found myself hunting for “The People of the Lie” the other day, found my hardback, and commenced it to rereading. The psychology of evil. Case studies, a progressive evolution of logic, historical precedence, modern medicine doctrine, all set upon a structure of unbiased Christian mores and beliefs. I was again awestruck that Dr. Peck’s combination of science and religion became so illuminating the more I read. I am only writing this so that you may also find this an illuminating read, and helpful in continuing to dissect what has happened to what we (R, D, & I’s) used to regard, as the direction of “Up”.

Not everyone is evil. Not every liar is evil. The misuse of the term or bandying it around in party marketing only dilutes what the word represents. The book’s natural progression may offer you more insight into diagnosing the disease, or give your readers a better understanding or dialog of what may, indeed, be at stake. I do disagree with Mr. Peck’s semi-conclusion of using love to combat evil. Sounds good, but first it needs to be identified, contained, and expunged to the degree that it will not affect our families, our futures, our principles, our world. I would be more apt to let God give the love. Time is of the essence.

So, check it out. Not calling for a knee jerk reaction of locking everyone up, either. I am saying there has been a paradigm shift over the last 20 years or so, and the flocks are showing increased effects of the loco weed fed them by their shepherds.

Thanks again, and good luck. We all will need it. The far right, alt facts, and fake news is not just a strategy.

Rennie Coleman



“The People of the Lie” and other evil thoughts.

This NYT article “Blood in the Water” by Charles M Blow is about Pence and his artificial facade and commingled opportunistic lying. Then read “Can the Pope Save Trump” in WaPo by EJ Dionne, who begged the question of “conversion” by Pope Francis. Afterwards, I went to the comment section and added my 2 cents: Exorcism, not conversion. I then abruptly got up and went in search of a book read 34 years ago: “The People of the Lie”, by M. Scot Peck 1983. After rereading, I added the below to both WaPo and NYT comments.

I was surprised when I reread a book I had purchased in 1983 by psychiatrist M. Scot Peck “The People of the Lie”, which is about the psychology of evil. Peck, a non-denominational Christian (author of “The Road Less Travelled”), supplies chilling insights and a working map into that which crosses the lines from good into evil. There was even a section on “malignant narcissism” which discusses the invasive progressive potential of one within its mental grasp. I am agnostic, but Mr. Peck’s Christianity was not a barrier to understanding or trusting his impeccable logic and professionalism, and adds a biblical underlying structure that is revealing yet unbiased. In his quest to bring scientific study to what many of us bandy about too often in conversation without discussion of roots, foundations, and contagions, the term “evil” is applicable to many who appear to resemble people just like us. The results, however, are steeped in opportunity, lies, and “self will”. This book is uncanny in its accuracy and fits Trump and many of his sycophants. The irony, is that to them, it is a strategy.

It doesn’t seem possible that Mike Pence knew nothing.

Response to Dave Brat’s email “I’m being attacked (at my Town Halls)” 5/18/2017

Dave Brat is my Congressman in the 7th District Virginia



This letter is in response to your email received today which stated in its Subject line:

“These relentless attacks caused hundreds of angry people to show up at my town hall meeting last week.”

Sorry to say, you are a lame duck. What brought you into Congress was a lie in search of a rubber stamp. Sorry, because those who selected you and propped you up have done so in the name of preserving a methodology that takes power by deceit, supports the power through illicit gains, and propagates a self-serving legacy of domination by the international and globalized elite (not you, the billionaires, the 1% of the 1%).

As an Independent (and CCW for 42 years), I will help vote you out. You say you are a Christian and a smart guy. Well, you need to shake the wrinkles out of that long unused fabric and make an effort to regain some trust, if only for yourself and your family. The GOP of which you are a part, and for which I voted for in 4 Presidential elections, is deflating under, of all things, collusion with Russia, money laundering, and Treason. A man or woman with an ounce of integrity would rise above this ongoing corruption and lies, and take a stand in the name of all that is good in the world: past, present, and future. Americans come in all colors, from many countries, have varying intellects, and at times, make a real mess of things. But Americans always fight back against oppression and tyranny; for the constitution, and the rule of law. That is our history.

Your choices as a congressman illuminate a philosophy of “go along to get along”. You knew at some time, that you were compromising yourself. You knew it. Down deep, you know you have let yourself down. Your constituents, whom you swore to represent during your term in office, have been superfluous to your thoughts, prayers, and actions evident by the way you have lead and conducted yourself. Pandering to a base that depends on you for leadership and actual facts that you, in turn, withhold, only complicates real progress and solutions.

In your email, you express rage at those who are upset at the job you are doing. Aren’t they just trying to hold you accountable, something for which I believe you signed up? Do you think that public scrutiny in an elected office is wholly unjustified, unfair, and displays extreme partisan politics? (possibly a conspiracy theory by evil left wingers running rampant against the GOP white hats?) I believe that when people, justifiably or not, raise their voices, it is usually in response to a pattern of not being heard, being ignored, and being condescended to on the part of the speaker re: issues which they feel they have no control over. Communication 101. You have avoided communication because it is hard when people either don’t understand, or do understand but are not impressed with your feeble attempts in an amateurish obfuscation of facts (not alt). Your choice in the timing and locations of your Town Halls is also telling. BS is still BS.

Dave, this is very simple. You are on the wrong side. I’m not talking about politics, I’m talking about what you profess to believe in when you say you are a Christian, etc. That Democrats have plenty of problems is not the issue. What has been going on for years now has segued into the biggest scandal and criminal conspiracy revelations that the world has ever seen. Even a general awareness should have given you severe pause many times along the way. Even if you decry the MSM as fake news and derive your news from other sources, you are smart enough (you say you are) to know what is really going on, and how badly this might upset your applecart.

Clearly, you have and do support Donald Trump, a businessman who has been mobbed up since he was helping his father in his real estate business back in the 1980s. Public records in every iteration depict a pattern of deceit and making money on the backs of others. 3,500+ lawsuits against him? I won’t bore you with Trump’s lack of principals, character flaws, or mental stability, but I’m fairly certain that Jesus would not have been a Trump fan, and would not have been quiet in pointing this out and remedying.

There will be charges of High Treason and espionage resulting from counterintelligence investigations that will bring about convictions leading to the death penalty. That is a serious reality. Multi-faceted money laundering schemes involving the U.S and Russian mob, illegal data laundering, illegal contributions to GOP superPACs from foreign and sanctioned countries that flowed right back into the Trump campaign,  voter machine tabulation hacking, and voter mail fraud operations. Add obstruction of justice, RICO charges for Trump et al and for the GOP, and criminal pursuit of prominent billionaires. How bad does it need to get? When this is over, I would not be surprised if the amount of prosecutions exceeded 100+, including some from the GOP, the White House, and Congress. The facts (not alt) now unfolding will continue to paint Trump and the GOP with a wide swath of conspiratorial criminality. The saddest thing is, every action, every crime, was a decision in which they alone own. The incompetence was prolific. The arrogance moved with impunity. Money. Power. Greed.

Your email is a cry for help. Help me, these crazy people are just plain not nice and are not going along blindly into the abattoir while we steal them blind and take all that is precious to them and theirs. I say this to you in all seriousness. If redemption is important to you, you should consider muting seditious talk of circling the wagons around Trump and defending what you think you won fair and square with a twang to the 2nd Amendment aka: defend your rights with guns. That would result in American bloodshed, and you would additionally add to your guilt, and all that for which you will be held responsible. Everything that you claim your party won, was, in fact (not alt), stolen.

I encourage you to make a plan to do what is right. I’m challenging you to find your integrity and to look to who you will be when the dust settles. The excuses you and others have made involving the end justifying the means will result in unhappy endings on a sliding scale. That is an absolute inevitability. Make the decision to put our country and the rule of law above whatever you think your party is demanding of you. That doesn’t make you a Democrat or a party traitor. It is the right thing to do, and will make a difference: to you, your family, and to all of those constituents you swore to represent under the constitution when you took your oath. That will make you an American of equal worth under the law.

You are a lame duck. So why not be an honorable lame duck.

Rennie Coleman

Dave Brat’s email is below, sans formatting.

Subject: I am under attack
From: Dave Brat (
To: Rennie Coleman (
Date Received: Thursday, May 18, 2017 2:31 PM

These relentless attacks caused hundreds of angry people to show up at my town hall meeting last week.


The Left is attacking me for keeping my promises.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is funding tens of thousands of robo-calls into my district. And a shadowy liberal Super PAC is funding hundreds of thousands of dollars of digital ads into more than 20 competitive Congressional districts around the country, including mine. And both groups are using lies about the Republican health care bill to attack me.

These relentless attacks caused hundreds of angry people to show up at my town hall meeting last week. These protesters wanted to do nothing but disrupt the proceedings. They started by booing the opening prayer, and it only got worse from there.

But I will not back down. I ran for Congress in the first place to move the needle towards less government control of our everyday lives.

That is why I voted for repealing the harmful impacts of ObamaCare. This vote comes at a time when ObamaCare is crumbling around us. 25 counties in Virginia have only one health insurance provider and Virginians on ObamaCare are facing another 20% premium increase.

This repeal and replacement bill is not perfect, but it’s a step in the right direction toward lowering costs and returning health care decisions back to patients and their doctors.

I also voted against passing the $1.1 trillion government deficit spending bill. It was just more of the disastrous status quo – it funds Planned Parenthood, more refugee settlement, and more foreign worker visas but no border wall at a time when we’re already over $20 trillion in debt and our borders are unsecure!

Rennie, there’s still so much more to do, and I’m counting on your continued support to fight back against these attacks as I keep working to balance the budget and pass healthcare reform on Capitol Hill, and I hope you will continue to provide that support as we move forward!

Thank you for taking this opportunity to make a generous contribution of $25, $50, $75, $100 or even more today.


Dave Brat
Congressman Dave Brat

PS – Rennie, this is going to be a long, hard fight for change – and I’m determined to stay on the job until we succeed. Will you help me build the foundation I need to ensure I have the best chance to do that with your difference-making contribution today? Thanks again, Dave


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